Ow...betapa mudah dan sederhananya trading forex, itulah kata seorang trader pemula saat mengikuti pelatihan di setrafx. Hanya sekedar klik buy atau sell di aplikasi dan seorang trader bisa mendapatkan profit atau loss. Menarik khan? Semangat. Tetapi tunggu dulu, saya menimpali pernyataannya di atas. Saya bilang sebaiknya pelajari dulu forex dan cara kerjanya baik-baik dan pahami secara mendetail dulu baru boleh ngomong begitu. Karena forex itu sederhana tapi sesungguhnya cukup kompleks. Silahkan baca juga artikel pertama dan kedua ya, karena dalam kedua artikel tersebut saya membahas trading forex yang memang sederhana dan mudah namun ada yang harus dipahami sebelumnya dan itu harus diterapkan saat melakukan transaksi di akun real. Juga artikel setelah ini ya. Dalam tulisan ini, penulis ingin membahas beberapa kebiasaan seorang trader yang profesional. Tulisan ini merupakan artikel yang ketiga.   
4) Fokus pada KUALITAS setup trading, bukan kuantitas
Kebanyakan trader kadang membuka tr…


All forex traders expect consistent and maximum profit. How to get consistent and maximum profit? There are many answers to this problem but in this paper I concentrate on telling the story of the importance of trading plan for a trader. Many people who just entered the forex trading world forgot about this despite having heard from experienced traders that a trader must have a good trading plan. Just a story I hear from various sharing experiences in discussion forums or articles, generally they forget about this because of "high spirit" to get profit in the shortest possible time and profit as much as possible. But finally give up because it is not a profit but lost all the funds. If giving up briefly just for self-evaluation and start again may provide a fun new experience but what if surrender and do not want to enter the world of forex again? If this is the case, their forex testimony is always negative about forex. "Forex is a danger" Poor donk if a bad experie…


Internet network is popular Indonesia since the late of 1980s, where there was a network linking five universities with dial up facility known as UNINET. The fifth of the university is the University of Indonesia, the Open University, Bandung Institute of Technology, Gadjah Mada University, and the Institute of Technology 10 November.  But the network was not developed because of the lack of adequate infrastructure. The following is the development of the internet in Indonesia. 1.1986 – 1987,  began in the early writings emergence of the Internet in Indonesia who came from amateur radio activities, especially in the Amateur Radio Club (ARC) ITB. With a capital in HF transceivers Kenwood TS430 air by using the Apple II computer, a young dozen of  ITB studies radio packet on 40 m band is then pushed on TCP / IP. the perpetrators of Indonesian amateur radio network linking amateur Bulletin Board System (BBS), which is also an e-mail network of stores and forward connecting many "Serv…

Three Common Mistakes in Forex Trading

Forex trading can be a very profitable feat. Every year, there are more and more people making profit from the Forex markets. If you take your time and work hard at learning the skill of trading, there is a very good chance you can become one of these people and become financially independent.
It is not a get rich quick market however. It actually does take time and hard work to master the skill. This is a disappointing fact to many newer traders, but if you avoid the following mistakes, you can potentially cut years off of your learning curve.
The first mistake that many new traders make is not testing out their Forex trading strategy. They read about a system on some forums and decide that it's the right system for them and start trading real money with it. Unfortunately, even if the system is profitable, it will be very hard to have the confidence to make intelligent decisions once in the trade if you have not tested it out for yourself. If you read about a trading method that you…


JAKARTA, - Indonesian information technology experts, Onno W Purbo assess the availability of Internet access in Indonesia is still far from enough. He estimates that only about 20 percent of Indonesian citizens who can enjoy Internet access. While the rest is still difficult to reach such access. In fact, according to Onno, the United Nations stated that internet access is a human right. "So the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology actually violated human rights. Definitely dizziness him directly," joked Onno laughing when filling segment of "Sharing Science and Technology" in the event Smesco Kompasianival in Smesco building, Jakarta, Saturday (10/08/2016). Onno said the government never targeting 50 percent of Indonesia already use the internet. In fact, until this year, the target is not met. "It's 2015. It's not appropriate target," said Onno. Onno hope Kemenkominfo could soon increase the spread of Internet usage up to …


JAKARTA – JobsDB, a  Portal job in Indonesia conducted a survey of workers in Indonesia. The goal is to determine the level of happiness of workers in Indonesia. The survey showed that as many as 73 percent of respondents were not happy with their jobs now. From the number of respondents who are not happy, 26 percent of them admitted feeling very unhappy because of salary, bonus given facility and the company is not in accordance with the workload. Not only that, the survey said workers are unhappy because the career path is slow, lack of employee development program, and are not satisfied with the systems and work processes adopted by the company. The survey is part of a campaign titled happy JobsDB is a better job held in May 2015. In addition to those who claim not happy, there are as many as 72 percent of respondents felt happy with his work for the satisfaction and comfort in the work underwent a major factor to continue to feel happy in the office. In addition to the satisfaction an…


Gambar, Jakarta: The Indonesian youth make  an experiment that ultimately selected by the space agency’s of the United States (US), NASA.
Their experiment was  studying about  the growth of rice and yeast to make tempeh in zero gravity in the space station.
Robert J.Blake told reporters in At American, Pacific Place, South Jakarta, Sunday, as US Ambassador to Indonesia, said "Young Indonesia is very accomplished and proud. They made a very remarkable study," (04/17/2016 )
He revealed that the research undertaken Indonesian children selected by NASA this is one form of US cooperation with Indonesia.
"The scope of cooperation is increasingly widespread Indonesia is strengthening cooperation with the United States," said Ambassador Blake.
Ambassador Blake also added that the science and technology aspects are important aspects of this relationship between the two countries.
The Indonesian children whose experiments chosen by NASA is a student of SMA Superior Del La…