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PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM).
That is a perfect investment method to invest funds or capital you have in transactions with Instaforex traders without any minimum or maximum limit on the number of investment value.

PAMM is an interactive service for automated trading. Trading is done by experienced traders to manage their capital and or capital from investors (other traders). The main point of the workings of PAMM-system is the trader's opportunity to receive investments from other traders or by using its own funds in the account. With this, investors should use the PAMM-system to increase the profit earned from the trading is done by traders (0.5% - 2.5% per day).
All transactions in the PAMM system is done automatically by the broker who organizes the PAMM system.
After joining with InstaForex and trading for some months, I get the picture that the PAMM-accounts system in InstaForex broker is very easy to understand about how it works, and according to my opinion,  as stock broker InstaForex taken of investors, providing the right same for all traders and investors to separate the total assets or the investment of the trader or other traders. At the end of the trading business of buying and selling the profit in the PAMM-account will be shared equitably between the two (the investor) PAMM-account, and the Managing Trader who received the award as mentioned in the contract (0.5% - 2.5% per day)., Which is described in the form of percentage of the total profit in the affairs of foreign currency trading market.

The terms that need to be understood in the InstaForex PAMM system
- PAMM trader is a person who is believed to be trading. There are other brokers termed the PAMM Manager. PAMM trader earns a commission from doing trading results.
- PAMM Investors are people who invest their funds to the PAMM trader. Any number of investor funds in the account each PAMM Traders depend on confidence in achieving a positive outcome of their transactions;
- PAMM Monitoring is investor can view, monitor, open trade, closed trade conducted by PAMM-Trader in the cabinet of your client in a portion of PAMM System. Here a PAMM investors get all the information about PAMM trader. Investors have access to monitor transactions by trader selected to manage investment funds. In this case the investor can determine the gain or loss on investments, all presented in a transparent manner.
- Fund segregated in PAMM system means the invested funds managed by fund separated PAMM trader. In short PAMM trader fund is managed separately by PAMM investor. Pointnnya is guaranteed protection against withdrawal of funds made ​​by PAMM trader; trader can only engage in transactions and limited the trader's own funds. In other words, your investment will be secured, and there will be no cheating that can be done by the trader. Traders can not draw or take your investment funds. Traders can only manage or manage your investment funds in trading. So, there can be no fraud / scam that can be done by PAMM trader.
- The results obtained by the same trader with the results obtained by the investor, if the trader had 50% profit then it is certainly investors also experienced a 50% profit (trading done at the same time). vice versa, if the trader experienced loss of 13% then it is certain also investors also experience loss of 13%. so that the benefits and risks in the system is borne by the respective owners of the funds.

PAMM Investment Advance:
- Capital investment with light.
- You do not need to interfere with the business of trading.
- The level of risk is relatively low.
- Transparency, you can monitor the trading results at any time.
- You can do a rollover (take profit without reducing the principal capital investment) at any time, without any penalty imposed.
- The system for more profitable results Investor.
- Investment of your safe.
- There is no scam, cheating, or fraud.
PAMM trader is under the control of the Company InstaForex Companies Group © 2007-2013. All the investment process, including the transfer of funds and profit sharing, entirely done by Instaforex Company. Traders only manage your investment funds, and traders can not take / draw your investment funds.

The calculation of profit sharing investment Instaforex PAMM.

Distribution of profit and loss is calculated based on the percentage of the investment that has been agreed upon by traders and investors, the same calculations both profit and loss.

* A trader has a trading capital of $ 200,
then open up investment opportunities with a 25% profit sharing system: 75%.
Then there are 2 investors who invest funds to the trader with the following details:
* Investor1 invest funds of $ 300.
* Investor2 invest funds of $ 500.
Thus, the total amount and composition of capital ownership has changed as follows:
Total Capital = $ 200 + $ 300 + $ 500 = $ 1000
Ownership of capital:
* Investor1 = ($ 300 / $ 1,000) x 100% = 30%
* Investor2 = ($ 500 / $ 1,000) x 100% = 50%
* Trader = ($ 200 / $ 1,000) x 100% = 20%
Then after 1 month (1 period investment), traders gain $ 300. Then the distribution of profits is:
* Investor1 = 30% x $ 300 = $ 90
* Investor2 = 50% x $ 300 = $ 150
* Traders = 20% x $ 300 = $ 60

Then according to the initial agreement, 25% profit sharing system: 75%.
Then Profit received by Investor1 and Investor2 will be cut by 25% according to the initial agreement that the system of 25%: 75%. as a commission on the successful traders in managing investment funds so as to produce a profit.

After the end of the investment period, investors can do the following:
• Interesting entire investment fund, then do not invest anymore.
• Attract any profit generated, the initial capital remains invested for the next period.
• Or the entire invested capital + profit for the next period.
Before You Sign as Investor at Instaforex PAMM system, you should understand the following two important things:
• You are required to understand the "FOREX".
• Understand and be familiar with the risks in forex trading.
If you already know and understand the two issues above, please try

For those interested in the InstaForex PAMM-system it is first necessary to open a trading account through this link: http://instaforex.org/index.php?x=IVGC  and if interested in the PAMM trader http://instaforex.org/id/pamm_monitoring.php?trader=5179620   then please invest your funds of at least $ 1
After opening a new account, please login to the client cabinet, select the System menu and select PAMM PAMM-Investor (Do not forget about the rules of the existing agreement). then please click on this link http://instaforex.org/id/pamm_monitoring.php?trader=5179620 PAMM Trader and looking Courant "Invest" and put the amount that you are willing to invest

Thank you

Best Wishes
Pertimbangkanlah secara matang bila anda akan berinvestasi dalam trading forex. Trading forex memiliki tingkat resiko yang sangat tinggi. Anda bisa kehilangan dana dalam jumlah besar bahkan seluruhnya. Kami menyarankan agar bila merasa ragu-ragu dalam berinvestasi dalam hal forex JANGAN SEKALI-SEKALI MENGINVETASIKAN UANG ANDA. Kami tidak bertindak atas nama pialang berjangka manapun dalam melakukan trading forex. Stefan Sikone

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