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Once, a timber merchant accepting an application of  an employee to cut down trees in the forest. Because of the promised salary and working conditions would be accepted very well, the candidate the woodcutter was determined to do his best.

When starting to work, the employer gives an ax and show the work area should be completed by the target time has been set to the woodcutter.

The first day of work, he was success  to knock down 8 trees. At the afternoon, to hear the work of the bush, the employer is impressed and give praise with a sincere, "results of your work is amazing! I am very impressed with the ability to cut down trees. There has never been like this before. Continue to work like that ".

Highly motivated by praise his employer, the next day the loggers to work even harder, but he only managed to knock down 7 trees. The third day, he worked even harder, but the results are still not satisfactory even disappointing. The increasing of the day, the less trees that successfully torn down. "It seems I have lost the ability and strength, how I can account for my work to the employer?" The woodcutter thought ashamed and desperate. With her head bowed facing the employer, apologizing for the work inadequate and complained did not understand what had happened.

The boss listened and asked him, "When was the last time you sharpened your ax?"

"Sharpening the ax? I do not have time for that, I'm very busy every day cutting trees from morning to evening with a vengeance ". Said the loggers.

"Well, this is where the problem is. Remember, your first day of work? With new ax and sharpened, then you can cut down a tree with outstanding results. The next few days, with the same energy, using the same axes but not sharpened, you know, the result is decreased. So, no matter how busy, you should take the time to sharpen the ax, so that every day working with the same energy and maximum results.

Now start sharpening your ax and get back to work! "Ordered the employer. With a nod-nod your head and give thanks, woodcutter passed before his employer to start sharpening the ax.

Just like the woodcutter, we are every day, from morning till night, as if trapped in a routine pattern. Busy, busy, busy, so often forget the other side is equally important, namely a short break to hone and fill new things to add to the knowledge, insight and spiritual. If we were able to set the rhythm of events like this, surely our life will be dynamic, resourceful and always new!

Stefan SK
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